Western NSW Terrain Model

Earlier this year a property owner in Western NSW engaged Terratest Aero to create a terrain model over their property. Sparse vegetation enabled us to use photogrammetry (a series of images stitched together) instead of LiDAR (a method that uses light in the form of a laser to measure distances). With our multirotor drone platform we were able to collect over 1000 images to give us a Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) of 2.4 cm/pix. Data collection took between 3 and 4 hours onsite with some delays from the local wedge-tail eagles.

Orthomosiac (Aerial photo)

Above - Aerial photo (orthomosaic) created from the thousands of images captured by the drone

The digital terrain model (DTM) and contour maps were created using the photo pointcloud so that the property owner could manage land use. Fine drainage patterns can also be seen in the model thanks to the high level of resolution provided by the Multirotor system.

Above - Digital Terrain Model (DTM) created from the thousands of images captured by the drone.

Multiple outputs including 0.5m, 2m and 5m spaced contour maps were created with both Orthomosaic (aerial photo) and DTM overlays. This helps with visualization of the data and its position on the property. Additionally, files were converted and displayed in Google Earth to make them easy to view and share.

Orthomosaic and DTM overlay

Above - Aerial photo and Digital Terrain Model overlay

To find out how Terratest Aero can assist in mapping your property or project, please email info@terratestaero.com.au

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