Aerial Survey of Rail Corridor

Early last month Terratest Aero was contacted to produce an aerial survey of a section of railway in NSW as part of a geotechnical site investigation. The data was captured in less than an hour, without the operator inside the corridor. The model was delivered after processing within the next 2 days. Hundreds of photos are stitched together using common points found in each images. Distances are calculated based how far an object moves from one angle to the next in each photo. The result is a 'cloud' (pointcloud) of colored dots, existing in a 3D space. The model is built around this with photographic textures added.

This data could be used to calculate distances, volumes and areas. Frequent monitoring of sites can yield changes in slope, volume and sediment loss using powerful and shareable software as seen here. An example of a DTM (Digital Terrain Model) is shown below.

"Its great to see clients adopting aerial surveying in their project pipeline. The quality of aerial imagery that Terratest Aero provides is allowing clients to bring the site too the office."

Wade Smith, Chief Remote Pilot

If you would like to see how aerial data can be used on your site, please contact us.

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