Drone Monitoring for Erosion Assessment

Measuring Erosion and Change Over Time

Drones can be deployed rapidly to assess and monitor areas for erosion. The fast data collection makes them an inexpensive method to cover large areas (around 20ha in 15 minutes) that would take traditional methods much longer to achieve, while still retaining small detailed features. The added benefit of multiple surveys enables you to visualize detailed terrain changes over time. Combining these surveys with ground control points delivers an accuracy of 10-20mm horizontally and 20-40mm vertically. Ensuring your project and volumes are accurately geo-referenced.

Cross Sections

Using sophisticated but simple software, profiles can be created so that small changes in volumes can be identified. This makes it easy to track certain areas for changing sedimentation or rockfalls. The cross section ability reduces a lot of manual work (walking up and down the beach taking measurements).

Easy Monitoring Solution

Being able to monitor these changes is important to any erosion assessment. Take the job site back to your office with easy sharing and measurement capabilities. Annotate and visualize the changes your site undergoes over time. Make better decisions based on more detailed and up to date data. If you would like to benefit from this powerful data, please contact us.

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