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Early in the year Terratest Aero was engaged by the Cumberland Land Conservancy (CLC) to produce an aerial map of one of their sites. The Cumberland Land Conservancy is a volunteer operated not-for-profit charity established to protect and restore the natural environment of Western Sydney. Their core purpose is to acquire and conserve land locally for wildlife conservation as well as educate the community in flora and fauna conservation. The Cumberland Plain is one of the most heavily cleared landscapes in Australia. The dominant vegetation (‘Cumberland Plain Woodland’) has been reduced to less than 6% of its original extent and is now Critically Endangered.

3D Model

The CLC now owns four properties in Western Sydney containing Cumberland Plain Woodland. Due to past land use and pressure from urbanisation the properties suffer from weed invasion and feral animals. They are actively managing these threats to restore the habitats and increase biodiversity.

Monitoring is an essential tool to ensure that the land management methods which they apply have a positive effect on the ecosystems. They conduct regular monitoring through photo points, wildlife and flora surveys. The drone operation will enable them to see long term changes in vegetation structure. They want to monitor the expansion of native vegetation, reduction of weeds and the impacts of our fire management over time. Further, the calculation of the canopy cover and green leaf index will help them to monitor tree health, which is especially important for the Grey Box (E. mollucana) which suffered from severe leaf loss through psyllids (small cicada like insects) in recent years.


Green Leaf Index
Canopy Cover

The process of Photogrammetry requires the UAV (drone) to collect hundreds of overlapping pictures that can later be stitched together. A 2D aerial, 3D model, canopy cover and green leaf index are created from these photos and displayed as Google Earth files. Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and contour maps can also be created from these photos to better understand the land and catchment areas.

For more information, or to benefit from aerial data at your site, please contact us.

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