Coastal Cliff Face - 3D Model

Modelling coastal cliffs is now quicker and safer than ever. Slope stability can now be assessed without having to risk personnel climbing and slipping across coastal platforms. High resolution aerial photos can be taken and stitched together to form a 3D model of any cliff face or slope of concern.

As seen in the model below, a great amount of detail is captured, including small erosion features. Large fractures and cavities are also captured with stunning detail. 3D models such as these can be exported into AutoCAD formats for planning or further measurements.

We can also upload the model to an online portal so that it can be easily shared throughout the office without requiring expensive software. Timelines can also be created, allowing you to compare past maps and models to identify changes.

The Phantom 3 Pro from DJI was used to create this model, one of Terratest Aero's smallest aircraft. The challenge was to find a safe level space to launch as the tide and waves limited our options. The small footprint of the Phantom was perfect for taking off and landing in confined spaces. The ability to get close to the cliff face was also a bonus, meaning higher resolution data was captured.

Phantom 3 Pro

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