Borehole Imaging

Terratest has access to the latest generation of orientated downhole imaging and data probes including the Acoustic Televiewer, Optical Televiewer and a Natural Gamma tool. Our specialised vehicle has been custom fitted to provide an efficient set up and pack up time.

Borehole imaging can be used either in conjunction with or as an alternative to core logging, as collecting a continuous high quality sample can be difficult. By utilising a televiewer, clay seams, voids, fractures and unit boundaries can be correctly orientated and depth recorded.  

Projects including the WestConnex M4 and M5, Sydney Metro and Southlink, have seen the value in orientated borehole imaging. Not the mention the numerous mining and resource applications.


  • Detailed and orientated  information

  • Fracture detection and evaluation

  • Breakout analysis

  • Detection of thin beds

  • Determination of bedding dip

  • Lithology characterization

  • Casing inspection and corrosion evaluation

  • Steel casing thickness