A market leader in advanced drone operations, LiDAR, 3D Spatial Modelling, Aerial Photography and Asset Inspection.

Autonomous Robotic Surveys

Smarter Engineering


Capturing quality data from site and bringing it into your workplace.

UAV's make for fast data collection. Where traditional methods would take days, we take minutes.

Deliverables can be raw data based or cloud based where measurements can be taken on an online browser, eliminating the need for expensive software.

Perfect for difficult access or dangerous locations such as steep slopes or large terrains.

3D Model - Cliff face, North Sydney




Geo-referenced aerial photos, digital terrain models and contours can be collected autonomously and delivered in a variety of formats.


High resolution, accurate Aerial mapping using UAV's to achieve fast data collection over large areas and reduced processing time.

Artificial Intelligence

Combining Artificial intelligence to recognize a variety of features in still images or video.